Greetings Adventurers! 

In this update, the Season of AURORA comes to a crescendo with a virtual performance unlike any other. From the music that echoes in the Coliseum to the snows and games of Days of Feast, celebrate the high notes of journeys with friends and fellow Sky children.


Season of AURORA Concert and Updates

Prepare to be immersed in the Season of AURORA concert! Premiering at 20:30 on Thursday December 8 (all times PST, UTC -8), this unparalleled experience connects thousands of players in one concert venue through a shared musical voyage through the heart of Sky. Everyone is invited to take part—no purchase or minimum Season progress required!

The concert countdown begins on December 8 at 17:00. After the concert debuts the evening of December 8 at 20:30, it will be available from 00:00 December 9 and then every 4 hours for the rest of the Season. The final concert will be held at 00:00 January 2, 2023. 

As the start time for the show approaches, head to the Valley of Triumph’s Coliseum or speak to the AURORA Guide in Home to teleport there directly. Players who arrive early can try a number of new features in the area, including Spirits ready to lend an instrument for a jam session, a room tucked away from the crowd to peacefully help you take in the moment,  and even some Dark Crabs ready for a race.

The limited seasonal IAP cosmetics introduced in 0.19.0 will continue to be available in the Coliseum after completing the 1st Seasonal Quest or through the in-game shop. Additionally, this update includes the remaining seasonal IAP offered specially for this collaboration: 

  • To the Love Outfit: $9.99 (all prices USD)
  • Voice of AURORA: $14.99
  • Giving In Cape: $14.99
  • Wings of AURORA: $24.99


The Voice of AURORA instrument will be in the in-game shop. This instrument features AURORA’s actual voice, brought to the style of the game so that Sky children can sing songs of their own. The remaining seasonal IAP will be in the Coliseum. The Giving In Cape and to the Love Outfit become available at 17:00 December 8, during the countdown to the concert’s debut. 

The Wings of AURORA cape becomes available after completing all Seasonal Quests and taking part in the concert. This item gives the wearer and the friends they hold hands with a special ability to view the concert in one of its six time slots, even after the Season ends. The option to replay the concert will be enabled in the expression menu while in the Coliseum. Select that option to be taken to the version of the Coliseum prepared for the concert—the pre-concert activities will be available before the start of the show, too.

By attending the concert during the Season and completing all Seasonal Quests, players will also have the opportunity to unlock special limited seasonal cosmetics from the AURORA Guide’s Friendship Tree using in-game currency. No Season Pass or other purchase is necessary for these collaboration items.

  • Cure For Me Mask: 50 Candles
  • Cure For Me Outfit: 200 Candles


Free trial spells will be available for the new seasonal collaboration IAPs. All seasonal IAP and in-game currency items offered for the AURORA collaboration will be available until the Season ends at 02:00 January 2, 2023. Please note that since all these items are part of a limited collaboration, they will not be available once the Season is over and are not scheduled to return in future years.

For details as the concert approaches, follow our social media channels or go to

Season of AURORA concludes at 02:00 January 2, 2023 (there will not be Seasonal Candles in the realms during these final two hours of the Season, since it is not a full day. Please note that the time the Season ends has been updated from the original announcement for the 0.19.0 patch notes to fit the final concert). The Seasonal Quests that convey the stories of the four AURORA spirits will continue to be available unchanged after the Season ends, and the four Seasonal Spirits will return with their items as Traveling Spirits in the future.

During the concert there are moments of bright and/or flashing lights, including the visual effects that occur when other players use calls and emotes during the show. Please use discretion when choosing to participate.


Days of Feast Returns

Celebrate the end of the year in Sky with silvery snow and familiar faces! From 00:00 Monday December 19 until 23:59 Sunday January 8, 2023 (all times PST, UTC-8), Days of Feast returns with a range of activities to enjoy throughout the realms. 

In Valley of Triumph, new changes have been added to the Village of Dreams and Hermit Valley for the occasion. For example, find a new setup to create a Skyball game with friends, or keep an eye out for the Bearhug Hermit Spirit who will appear periodically in the Village—once you find them, you may discover their magical ability to transform your appearance. 

Players who have completed all Season of Dreams quests will be able to collect Light falling from the sky as the young skating Spirit practices their best moves—after Days of Feast is over, this Light will appear when this Spirit occasionally returns during the week. Meanwhile, in the Hermit Valley area there’s a new permanent race for players with a need for speed, or Light, or both.

Both Home and the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge are part of the event too. The Secret Area is open for all to enjoy themed decor and perhaps some friendly competition on the ice. Home will also be transformed as a blizzard gradually rolls through. Over different phases during the event, players can gather up to a certain amount of Light that falls gently from the sky, or that glows from a cozy fire in a snow hut once it opens up. 

When New Year’s Day approaches, get ready to celebrate the start of 2023 with a brief hourly fireworks show in Home that marks the start of the New Year for each time zone. Fireworks begin at 02:00 December 31, 2022 (midnight January 1 for Kiribati), until 04:00 January 1, 2023 (midnight January 1 for Howland Island).

Players interested in mementos for the event will find new and returning items. Talk to the Bearhug Hermit Event Spirit in Home to for a chance to unlock these:

  • Feast Goggles: 50 candles
  • Snowkid Prop: 120 candles 

The follow items will be in the in-game shop:

  • Tournament Skyball Set: $14.99
  • Cozy Hermit Cape: $14.99

A Skyball Set Spell will also be permanently offered in the Village of Dreams:

  • Skyball Set Spell: 2 Candles

All items previously offered in the past three years of Days of Feast will also be available for players who prefer to opt for a returning item. They can be found by checking with Event Spirits and locations in Home and the Secret Area.

Speak to the Grandma Spirit in Home, or check the shelves of her snow hut, for the following returning items:

  • Ode to Joy music sheet: 10 Candles
  • Winter Feast Pillow: 10 Candles
  • Winter Feast Scarf: 50 Candles
  • Winter Feast Hat: 20 Hearts
  • Snowflake Hair Accessory: $1.99
  • Winter Ancestor Cape: $9.99
  • Winter Feast Snow Globe: $9.99

In the Secret Area, these items can be found by checking in with several Event Spirits:

  • Feast Cape: 65 Candles
  • Feast Table: 150 Candles
  • Feast Necktie: 15 Hearts
  • Days of Feast Pack $6.99
    • Includes Feast Hat and 25 Candles
  • Days of Feast Horns: $14.99
  • Snowflake Cape: $14.99

A free version of the Tournament Skyball Set is set up in the Secret Area for all players to enjoy during Days of Feast. There will not be trial versions of the Ode to Joy music sheet or Winter Feast Pillow, but free trial spells for all other IAP and in-game currency items can be found at the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat in Home and a cheerful snowman in the Secret Area!


Improvements and bug fixes in this update include:

  • When hand-holding a friend who is using the skip emote, a bug no longer causes the friend to continue to skip when transitioning to another level.
  • For Spirit quests that require you to carry a Spirit along its route, players can now choose between walking or using the skip emote while moving.
  • Adjusted color of the Ultimate Gift outfit to better match the original outfit it’s based on.
  • Fixed certain AURORA seasonal capes clipping when worn on chibi avatars.
  • Fixes for small visual errors in AURORA seasonal hairstyles.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Season of AURORA Runaway hairstyle and outfit from being giftable through Friendship Trees.
  • Updates to English and Japanese lyrics in subtitles of the first Seasonal Quest.
  • Graphics improvements so that the appearance of the ramps in the Valley of Triumph race don't change when a player is close to them.
  • [Switch] Blue orb no longer remains after dismissing a Spirit that was summoned  from the Friendship Constellation in Home.
  • [Switch] Resolved a crash that occurred in certain cases where players used the carry emote.
  • [Switch] Resolved an issue where the Relationship menu opens when pressing the interact button on a controller with another player.
  • Slight adjustments to Dark Crabs and shards at the eruption that falls in the Elevated Clearing of Hidden Forest so that it  will still be one of the most challenging Shard Eruption to clear, but a slightly easier one.
  • No matter the mischief, havoc, or even occasional lost Winged Light the Dark Crabs may cause, they did not deserve to be subjected to a bug that caused the Dark Crabs over the Graveyard bonfire in Golden Wasteland to appear to be roasted alive. Thus, in this update we have moved them to a container above the fire instead, where they will not be subject to such callous mistreatment while waiting to be rescued by a merciful passing Sky child. #savethecrabs
  • Adjustments to balance and format of Social Light at locations such as the campfire in Prairie Caves.
  • Shared Memory recordings should now properly display a recorded avatar using the skip emote expression.
  • Players can now have up to seven friend code invites open at once in their Friendship Constellation.
  • Updates to credits.
  • The rock had been spending time with their jellyfish friends over in Hidden Forest, enjoying the soft grass and gentle breeze. But all of the jellies keep singing a lovely melody that the rock had never heard before... Where did they learn it? Who taught them? The rock decided that it's time to set out on another quest, to learn who created such a beautiful song.


As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!