I started my Sky account on mobile/iOS/Android/Huawei:
You can transfer your mobile Sky game and progress to your PlayStation, but you must FIRST link your Sky account on your mobile device to your PlayStation account. When you start a new Sky game on your PlayStation, your PlayStation™Network (PSN) account automatically links to the new game, so please make sure to use your mobile device to link your current Sky account to your PlayStation™Network (PSN) account BEFORE you start Sky on PlayStation if you wish to continue with your current account and game progress.
Once you’re ready to link your current mobile account to your PlayStation account, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Sky account on your mobile device: iOS/Android/Huawei device.
2. Press the cog icon in the top right corner of the game screen to open the Utility Menu and go to the ‘Account’ tab.
3. In the account ‘Linking’ option, press the ‘PlayStation’ option, and then tap ‘Link’.
4. Sign in to your PlayStation Account.
5. Finish the linking process on your mobile device.
6. Once Sky launches on PlayStation, login using the same PSN ID previously linked on your mobile device to your Sky account.

If you begin your game on PlayStation and later want to access your progress from a mobile device, you can do so by following the login prompt when you first start the game on mobile and selecting PlayStation Network as the sign-in method.

I started my Sky account on Nintendo Switch:
If you are looking to bring your Sky experience from Switch to PlayStation because you first started playing Sky on Nintendo Switch, use your Nintendo Account to log in on your mobile device and then follow steps 2-5 above to link your PlayStation account BEFORE you start Sky on PlayStation.
If you are having any trouble or are unsure how to set up or link a PlayStation™Network (PSN) account or Sky account, please feel free to Contact Us.