PlayStation™Network Cross-Platform Play is an exclusive feature for PlayStation players. Sky players have the option to play exclusively with other PlayStation players who have also chosen to disable Cross-Platform Play. You can enable or disable this feature within the in-game settings under the “Online” menu by toggling the “PlayStation™Network - Allow Cross-Platform Play” on and off.  


Flipping the toggle to green allows players from other platforms to be synced to the same server. Players can flip the toggle by clicking the X button on their controller.


If a PlayStation player has Cross-Platform Play disabled, they will NOT be matched with PlayStation players who DO have Cross-Platform Play enabled.

If a player disables Cross-Platform Play, they will receive a warning letting them know that this is not the recommended way to enjoy Sky. If they proceed, they will be automatically signed out of their Sky game and need to relaunch the game again, which will place them on PlayStation-exclusive servers. 

Message Candles, Message Boats, Shared Spaces and Shared Memories within Cross-Platform Play: These messages shared from other platforms will still be visible when Cross-Platform Play is disabled, but you will not be able to match or join players on other platforms, as well as other PlayStation players who have Cross-Platform Play enabled.

If you have any questions regarding Cross-Platform Play, please Contact Us or visit the PlayStation Support site here: