Greetings Adventurers!
This patch contains a number of additions for Season of Shattering, an all-new event arriving in Sky, and an eruption’s worth of bug fixes and updates.

Season of Shattering

The Season of Shattering continues, and this patch brings some additions for the second half of the Season.

Shard Eruptions
Several Shard Eruptions have been changed so that stronger eruptions do not occur on the main path of a level:
  • The eruption in the first area of Hidden Forest was removed.
  • The eruption in front of the Forest Temple is reduced in strength and awards Light for regular Candles instead of Light for Ascended Candles.
  • The eruptions in a couple other areas of Hidden Forest are somewhat less intense.
  • To balance the reduction in strength of the above eruptions, a strong eruption has been added to an area of Hidden Forest.
  • In the Golden Wasteland’s Graveyard, the Shard Eruption that occurred along the main path through the area will be split to show in one of two locations off of the main path. Its strength remains the same.
  • In all levels, many of the stronger eruptions now bring shards that are able to swirl through the air. It may be useful to adjust your strategies accordingly!

New Ultimate Gifts in Level Constellations
In the Constellations for Isle of Dawn, Daylight Prairie, and Hidden Forest, a second Ultimate Gift is now available after the first has been unlocked. When worn, they shield the player from a limited amount of damage before they will need to be restored by visiting the Elder who gave them—for example, by going to their Temple.

Since these are Ultimate Gifts, these are optional items within the game, and a player’s progress in the game is not affected by whether they’re unlocked. Each mask provides slightly different levels of protection. [2022/8/17: This has been updated to correct a description that mistakenly said each mask provided the same level of protection.]

Finally, the next three Seasonal Quests will also become available in the following weeks to reveal new memories from the Void of Shattering. Season of Shattering continues until 23:59 Sunday September 25 (all times PDT, UTC-7).

Days of Sunlight & Lazy Days
A new experience is waiting for Sky children in the dappled light of Hidden Forest. For three weeks from 00:00 Monday August 22 through 23:59 Sunday September 11, Days of Sunlight is a time to revel in the outdoors of Sky’s kingdom. Help a group of baby jellyfish venture into the open for the first time, join a band of familiar Spirits, gather near a fire to “roast” some Light for your Candle collection, or see what you might be able to fish out of nearby waters.

Several new items will also come with Days of Sunlight:
  • Campfire Tent: 90 Candles
  • Jelly Shoulder Buddy: $2.99 (all prices USD)
  • Campfire Snack Kit: $19.99 (comes with 35 Seasonal Candles)
    • Please note: the Campfire Snack Kit does not generate Light to collect

The IAP can be found in the in-game shop, and the Sunlight Guide Spirit will offer the Campfire Tent from their Friendship Tree. Free spells will be available to try all of these items as well. Find them near the pier that will be in the event area in Hidden Forest!

After Days of Sunlight ends, the campfires will lay low for a couple weeks. Home will keep a cozy atmosphere during a Double Seasonal Candle event—Sky kids who venture into the daily realm can collect an extra Seasonal Candle each day.

From 00:00 Monday September 26 through 23:59 Sunday October 16, Lazy Days is a chance to kick back and take things easy. The bonfire in Home will grow over time and give up to certain amounts of Light each day. Items from two different events held in previous years, Days of Summer and Days of Summer Lights, will be available again too.

An event guide Spirit will offer the returning in-game currency item:
  • Summer Hat: 44 Candles

(Placeables that originally came with Traveling Spirits during Days of Summer and Days of Summer Lights will remain with the Spirits who originally offered them, in the normal Traveling Spirit schedule that will not overlap with Days of Sunlight or Lazy Days.)

IAP from those previous events will be in the in-game shop, too:
  • Seashell Hairpin: $0.99
  • Bunny Accessory: $2.99
  • Lantern Pack: $19.99 (comes with 35 regular Candles)
    • Please note: the lantern item does not come with additional abilities such as lighting candles
  • Summer Parasol: $19.99 (comes with 35 Seasonal Candles)
Please note that some names of returning items have been changed; however, the items will be the same ones available in Days of Summer and Days of Summer Lights events.

Please note that Apple's announced price tier update may result in price changes occurring during the event. Please refer to the message sent to all players' inboxes for further details.

Other Updates in This Patch
  • We’ve been working on improvements for player safety. One of the more visible changes players may notice is that, when reporting another player in-game, there are now report categories to select in the menu.
  • As part of a longer-term focus on issues such as photosensitivity, we’ve introduced changes including:
    • Some adjustments to brightness and luminosity scaling for shards during eruptions.
    • Fades for cutscenes created with certain preset settings switched from white to black, to decrease the number of fade-to-white sequences and reduce visual discomfort. Note that this applies to fades based on that preset, so it will not apply to some existing cutscene fades that are based on other settings.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Highlights for fixes and updates in the patch include:

  • Resolution for multiple visual issues caused by the fog effect in Wasteland.
  • Adjustments to the Dark Crab accessory to sit better on avatars' shoulders.
  • A dialog hint now displays when a Shard Eruption ends for players who are in the level where the eruption is happening, except for players in the area of the eruption when it ends.
  • When playing music sheets, accuracy is now shown using a dial.
  • Uniform scaling for prop items worn on chibi and tall avatars.
  • Updates to the “Point” expression and level 2 “Beckon” expression animations.
  • The first three candles in the Trial of Fire recharge players again.

Want to know more about some other fixes in this patch? Find further details below!

  • Fixed touch detection on instrument keyboard menus so sustained notes don't release until a player moves their finger beyond the note button area.
  • Slightly widened the area recognized on the screen while tapping a note to play.
  • Added new music sheets to Harmony Hall quest rotation.

Graphics, Audio, & Appearance
  • Updated audio for mountain eruptions.
  • [Mobile] Fixed bugs that cause motion blur on moving avatars, such as when riding the gondolas in Dreams Village.
  • [Switch] Enabled 5.1 surround sound. Known issue: Sound mode will not change when switching console mode from handheld to docked, or vice-versa, until the game is restarted.
  • Did some spot cleaning for discoloration on the neck of the red Season of Performance scarf cape.
  • Fixed a bug causing discoloration of Spirits when in dark environments.
  • Fix for an issue causing placeables to be exceedingly bright in dark environments such as the Treehouse area of Hidden Forest.
  • Cape diamonds should no longer appear grey when in dark areas.
  • Fix for lighting in the entrance tunnel to the Wind Paths.
  • Various updates to shaders, which may result in graphics changes based on device (particularly Android devices depending on chipset).
  • Throwing confetti is a festive way to celebrate, but using the "celebrate" expression while leading a friend holding an instrument would cause them to throw their instrument in the air, rather than confetti. This was decidedly less festive and also a questionable use of instruments, so the bug causing this has been resolved.
  • Props that are being held now hide while activating a spell, and cannot be used while a spell is active.
  • Fixed the backpack appearing to float over avatar's back when certain props were equipped.
  • Parts of the wall in the cave next to the Dawn Temple should no longer flicker in and out of existence.
  • The Dark Dragons have reverted back to their familiar white shout effect when attacking, noting that black and white is a timeless color pairing, and there was something about light colors they just have a hankering for.
  • Polish for minor visual issues in the Prairie Butterfly Fields area.

General Updates and Improvements
  • Removed dialogue prompt for seeing completed Season of Shattering Quests again despite the option not currently being available. Known Issue: Previously completed Seasonal Quest memories are inaccessible after completing them the first time.
  • Resolved a bug causing placeable items to block damage and hide avatars from Dark Dragons.
  • Burn time for floating Dark Plants decreased.
  • Friendship Tree can no longer be opened while avatar is in a crawling state.
  • When the Season of Shattering horn is equipped, a player is no longer prompted to join music sheets.
  • Reduced proportion of time spent crawling when injured.
  • [Switch] The Sleepy Traveling Merchant's boat, and its bounty of spells, now appears in Home. The meditation circle that leads to the thatskyshop website when used does not appear; this is intentional.
  • [Switch] If chat restrictions are enabled, placement of Message Boats and Shared Memory candles is now also restricted.
  • [Switch] Chat log now closes if players opens a menu, to fix a bug that allowed two menus to be scrolled at once.
  • Improvements for the meditation area on the boat that takes players to Forgotten Ark in Golden Wasteland.
  • Fixes for bugs causing avatars to appear to warp when seated at chat tables.
  • Extinguished a bug causing flames (including flames from props) to not recharge a player if a player went into the first areas of Eden and then teleported somewhere else in the game.
  • Handhold should no longer drop when transitioning from the Butterfly Fields to Cave area of Daylight Prairie.
  • Lowered priority of flame icon prompt relative to other icons in certain areas of Eye of Eden.
  • Fixed issues with collision of placeable items not working as intended with blocked players.
  • Chat on the Village Theater stage is now only visible to players sitting the audience seats and on-stage.
  • The Admiring Actor Spirit now stands on a small platform so that players wearing the chibi mask can relive their “blow kiss” memory quest without issue.
  • Fixed the gaps in the Wasteland Temple where players could get stuck in a pit and unable to escape.
  • Bugged window grates in parts of the Hidden Forest Temple have collision again.
  • The stars protested that in all of their eons of existence, they have learned enough to not be fooled by a simple Crab Rock Trick as the Dark Crabs are, and that this mischievous chicanery should not nearly be enough to overpower the magic of the Constellation Gates. Thus, this spell can no longer be used to bypass these gates.
  • Add basic haptics for hug, high five, and fist bump friend interactions. (The specific effect may vary between platforms).
  • Added collision to the backs of the floating islands in Daylight Prairie’s Nest area.
  • Improved Vietnamese and other translations.
  • [Switch] Fix for crash caused by having too many spells in the spell section of the expression menu
  • Fixed crashes from switching between tabs in the emote expression menu too quickly.
  • Other crash fixes.

Please refer to this page for known issues ongoing or introduced with this patch.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!